12 Must Have Bookmarklets : Google Chrome and IE

As we all know that Google took Chrome out of beta almost a month back, but still there is a strong feeling that there is a long way to go for the browser if it has to compete with other browers such as Firefox. The biggest feature that is missing in Chrome/IE is lack of addons support. So in place of using addons I am using bookmarklets a lot more now.

If you don’t know, bookmarklets are just bookmarks that can perform an action (thanks to javascript) such as sharing something on Facebook, digging an article, adding something to your Amazon wish list, etc.

Bookmarklets are usually saved or dragged to your browsers’ bookmarks toolbar but, you can also create a folder on your bookmarks toolbar & then add each bookmarklet to that folder. This helps organize your bookmark toolbar so that you don’t have a long, never-ending row of bookmarlets. To cover all my bases, here is what you do – depending on the browser you use:

  • Firefox – Drag and drop the above link to your bookmarks toolbar or right-click the link and select “bookmark this link”.
  • Internet Explorer – Right click on the link above, and select “add to favorites”.
  • Chrome / Safari – Drag and drop the link to your bookmarks toolbar.

12 Must have Bookmarklets

  1. Bookmark to Delicious – Bookmark the current page on Delicious
  2. Dictionay:Dbl-Click – Just click on this bookmarklet, and then dictionary will be shown on double clicking any word.
  3. Readability – Its an awesome script, increases readability of a page.
  4. Post to News.YC – Post an article to news.ycombinator.com
  5. Gmail This – Allows you to email the current web page you’re on via your Gmail account.
  6. Adblock+ – Ad block removes “java, flash, background music, and third-party iframes.” Thus it does a handy job of blocking the ads on a webpage. who says only firefox addon block ads ? Chrome too has a Adblock type addon now!
  7. Stumble it – Add this link and click on it whenever you want to Stumble a page you liked. I like this bookmarklet better than the toolbar as it gives me more space.Another way of stumbling a webpage can be found here.
  8. Translate – Landed on a page that seems Greek to you ? No worry anymore, just click it and see the translation in English. YOu dont even need to know the source language.
  9. Facebook Share Bookmarklet – The Share Bookmarklet will recognize when you share videos and music, making them easy to play within Facebook.
  10. Add to MySpace Bookmarklet
  11. Install Greasemonkey – Firefox users will know how useful Greasemonkey is. The good thing is, with a simple tweak, you can also get Greasemonkey to work in Google Chrome.
  12. Feed views in Chrome – Drag the following links to your bookmarks bar

  13. Keep Browsing : Keep Chroming

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