Hacker News Hacked : news.ycombinator.com hacked ?

Hacker News is the brainchild of Paul Graham, so it partially reflects his interests in Y Combinator and entrepreneurial stuff like startups. Paul is serious about moderation on the site, so in addition to the typical Digg-style voting, there’s a secret cabal (I like to think of it as The Octagon, “no one will admit they still exist!”) of hand-picked editors who remove flagged posts. More importantly, the conversation on the site about the articles is quite rational, with very little noise and trolling.

If you’re looking for good programming blogs to sharpen your saw, HackerNews is the first site which comes to your mind. It contains excellent programming specific links.

HackerNews is Hacked

There is a Post in news.yc with very high POINTS and been posted from PG(paul graham)’s account.

The link in the post leads to a application on appjet. The screenshot of the application is below:

This application changes the “About:” section on profile of PG on news.yc.

Update 10:39 IST : Site is down
Update 10:50 IST : Site is Live

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  1. Joaquim Rendeiro #

    It’s now fixed and Paul Graham has “creator of bugs” in his profile page 🙂


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