Show IMDB Ratings on using GreaseMonkey Script is a great site. It is a basically a one stop destination for any torrent search. I personally find it very useful as it automatically syndicate all the torrents from various sites like piratebay, mininova, demonoid etc.

Before downloading any movie from torrent I usually check its rating, synopsis & star cast on IMDB. I find this process very cumbersome and boring to search each movie on IMDB. To ease out this process I searched for a GM Script(GreaseMonkey Script). I found one, but it wasn’t perfect so I have modified it. You can find its updated version at IMDB Rating in Torrentz

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Don’t know what GreaseMonkey is : Read Here

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Don’t Know How to install Script in Greasemonkey

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  1. Vivek Yadav #

    Nice Work Bhaiyya, I was thinking of such a script which just fetches the IMDB rating of a selected movie name and this one might come in handy . Can we make a bookmarklet for this so that we can do this in any browser, like in Opera ( We just see what’s selected and then open the search page of imdb via JS and scrape the rating using regex ) .

    • nitin #

      The only problem as I see for making a bookmarklet is : Cross-Domain Ajax request.
      Actually for making any search query we’ll have to make Ajax request to different domain (imdb, google) and natively browser doesn’t support them.

      In case of Greasemonkey, Scripts are allowed to make crossdomain request. That is why such scripts are feasible easily.

      Anyway if someone wants to make such a bookmarklet then, serverside support is also needed. In this case the script will make a JSONP request and do the search… But i think this is too much of effort, its better to have firefox and encourage your users to use the same.


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