how to be Invisible In Gtalk : Gtalk Hacks

gTalkOne of the most awaited feature is to set invisible status in gtalk. Just like yahoo messenger invisible status in gtalk will allow you to be online without being bugged by gtalk friends when you are at work or don’t feel like to be annoyed by your gtalk friends.

Although in Chat inside gmail you can set status to invisible, but not in GTalk.

There are two approaches to be invisible in google chat, lets discuss about both of them.

Using GTalk Labs Edition

Google Talk, Labs Edition is an experimental release of the Google Talk client.

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Debugging Django on Windows : Developement Setup

Django I remember the days when I used to struggle while debugging django web applications. But after working for more than a year now with django, I am more or less settled with tools I use for debugging Django Application. My Development System is on Windows XP, so this post is specifically for Debugging django on windows.

Debugging Django on Windows XP

The best tool I found on Windows environment for Django/ Python Debugging is : WinPDB, Just download and install.

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Websites To Listen High Quality Bollywood Hindi Songs Online For Free

Continuing the series of online free entertainment, here is my second post which tells you about best websites where you can listen High Quality Hindi Songs for free.

  • is a complete bollywood portal. This is a hungama groups website. The user interface of the site is not too good, but still easy to navigate. Streaming is fast from the site. They also provide option to choose streaming rate, which can be usefull if the connection is not too good.

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Websites To Watch High Quality Bollywood/Hindi Movies Online For Free

There are thousands of websites the provide free streaming of movies, but finding good sites is a tough job. So in order to help you to find right websites that offers DVD/HD quality of Bollywood movie streams online for free. So here is the list,


    Bharat Movies offers a huge collection of Bollywood movies online for free. The movies collection include all the new releases as well as old hits. Majority of the movies are provided in good quality and for easily identifying the quality of movies, tags like DVD, DVD HQ are set to them.

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Hacker News Hacked : hacked ?

Hacker News is the brainchild of Paul Graham, so it partially reflects his interests in Y Combinator and entrepreneurial stuff like startups. Paul is serious about moderation on the site, so in addition to the typical Digg-style voting, there’s a secret cabal (I like to think of it as The Octagon, “no one will admit they still exist!”) of hand-picked editors who remove flagged posts. More importantly, the conversation on the site about the articles is quite rational, with very little noise and trolling.

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News, Twitter, FriendFeed and Many more in GTalk : Are Chat Client Becoming new Browsers ?

Following my previous posts about cleartrip train search engine and job search engine this post is regarding various other services available on GTalk Client. Here are various other usefull services being offered on Gtalk/Jabber Clients.

Other Services

  • Chat in multiple Languages

    1. Add a transliteration bot to your friend list. There are 5 of them available currently: ( for Hindi, for Kannada, for Telugu, for Tamil and for Malayalam)
    2. Start chatting with your friend.

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Scaling Your Frontend: Far-Futures Expire Headers

To optimize our website load times we must optimize the frontend by setting far-futures headers. This simply means that media has an Expires tag of sometime in the distant future (maybe a year), and when we make changes, the filename needs to change. The easiest way to do this, is by adding a simple GET parameter.

We can do this by using a simple template tag (or a global object as it’s known in Jinja), to output the URL to the file, as well as the revision.

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13 Must Watch Pixar Animated Short Films

Here is a collection of Pixar’s Animated Short Films.

The Adventures of André and Wally B. (1984)

The short involves a character named André being awakened in a forest by a pesky bee named Wally B. André distracts the bee so that he can run away. Wally B. chases André and eventually catches up with him then stings him off screen. Wally B. later reappears with a bent stinger. Soon though, Wally B. gets hit by André’s tossed hat.

Luxo Jr.

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