Beautiful Nag Screen using JQuery & CSS3

Yesterday I wrote about a beautiful implementation for nag screen using mootools and CSS3. Thanks for all of my visitor for showing interest in it.

Considering requests from some of the users, I have also worked on its jQuery version. In jQuery version I have also tried to remove the bugs pointed out by one of the user.

The new jQuery version also have following improvements:

  • Close button can be used to close nag screen
  • Now the whole text doesn’t jumps when nag screen sticks to top

thanks “Seeker” for pointing out these bugs.

Head over to Demo and download the source for this page.

Demo of Nag Screen

Download Nag Screen Code

Be sure to check out the MooTools version.

12 Responses

  1. Navarr #

    Now THIS one works in Chrome 🙂

  2. Atul Kash #

    Not a big mootools fan so this one’s for me!

  3. Joezer #

    How do I remove the close button?

    And is there a possibility that I can place the nag screen below? not at the top?

  4. gin #

    how to use with jquery cookie?

  5. porno #

    i also use jquery in my websites…

  6. Austyn Vento #

    Enjoyed every bit of your article post. Cool.


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