Hell of email applications on iPhone


I’ve been using Apple’s native mail application since the day I bought my first iPhone. Its set up with my gmail using google exchange. Everything seemed perfect, I was able to read emails, reply to them, add pictures, open attachments, it looked complete. So far so good!

Then came Gmail official iPhone application, that made me realize what I have been missing so far. It was having most of the features which I like about its web counterpart. It had great message display, better representation for email thread, above all its search actually worked.

Now we also have Mailbox which made my email organized, soon we’ll also have .Mail.

Current State

Presently I have to use 3 different applications to check and manage my emails.

  • Gmail : Whenever I need to see any email conversation thread, and have to search any email.
  • Mailbox : For organizing and prioritizing stuff
  • Mail App : To read and check new email.

Overall it doesn’t feel right to use 3 different applications for single task of reading and managing emails.

Out of these three, I just don’t want to use Native mail application. Its very limiting when it is compared with other of its compititors. But somehow I keep coming back to it, becuase of its speed. As soon I get notification for a new mail, there is an instant urge to check it, but if you check it using any app other then native Mail you’ll have to wait for the message to download. And this wait time is really annoying.


Here, I’d wish Apple to comeup with some mechanism so that, applications other than native could also get full email messages in background. So that, when I open their notifications, email/messages are there (no loading indicator).

It would also be great if magically somehow, search and autosuggest of gmail’s app could also be there in other applications. If this could happen then I can peacefully just use Mailbox (which I am loving by the way).

This is how I use email application, what about you? Are you also stuck in hell of email apps.

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