GitHub Setup on Webfaction : How To ?

Git is a very popular distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed. Recently for my projects I need to setup up a private Git Setup on Webfaction Server. So here is the way to Install and start using Git on Webfaction.

How to Install Git on Webfaction

  1. Log into your Webfaction Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Domains/Websites » Applications
  3. Click Add New
  4. Enter git as the application name in the Name field
  5. Select git from the App category menu
  6. Enter a password for the default user in the Extra Info field
  7. Click the Create button

The Git application provides a subdirectory, bin, which contains the Git executables.

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RegEx to Convert String in TitleCase (Python / Django)

During web development I very often come across a problem to convert any string into TitleCase. Those who don’t know title case is the style of writing having first letter as a majuscule (upper-case letter) and the remaining letters in minuscules (lower-case letters).

So here is the python function to do that:

def title(value):
    """Converts a string into titlecase."""
    t = re.sub("([a-z])'([A-Z])", lambda m:, value.title())
    return re.sub("\d([A-Z])", lambda m:, t)

Happy Coding

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Make Your Firefox Even Better by tweaking its looks

Firefox logoFirefox is my favorite browser. The biggest reason for this is its repository of useful plugins. The only problem which I see in its default installation is the screen usage. With this I mean, Firefox wastes a lot of screen real estate in unnecessary menus, buttons. The good news is that it also provides flexibility to customize its overall look and feel.

I have to tried to optimize my Firefox, and I am pretty happy with the new look. It gives more space for webpage.

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how to be Invisible In Gtalk : Gtalk Hacks

gTalkOne of the most awaited feature is to set invisible status in gtalk. Just like yahoo messenger invisible status in gtalk will allow you to be online without being bugged by gtalk friends when you are at work or don’t feel like to be annoyed by your gtalk friends.

Although in Chat inside gmail you can set status to invisible, but not in GTalk.

There are two approaches to be invisible in google chat, lets discuss about both of them.

Using GTalk Labs Edition

Google Talk, Labs Edition is an experimental release of the Google Talk client.

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News, Twitter, FriendFeed and Many more in GTalk : Are Chat Client Becoming new Browsers ?

Following my previous posts about cleartrip train search engine and job search engine this post is regarding various other services available on GTalk Client. Here are various other usefull services being offered on Gtalk/Jabber Clients.

Other Services

  • Chat in multiple Languages

    1. Add a transliteration bot to your friend list. There are 5 of them available currently: ( for Hindi, for Kannada, for Telugu, for Tamil and for Malayalam)
    2. Start chatting with your friend.

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Scaling Your Frontend: Far-Futures Expire Headers

To optimize our website load times we must optimize the frontend by setting far-futures headers. This simply means that media has an Expires tag of sometime in the distant future (maybe a year), and when we make changes, the filename needs to change. The easiest way to do this, is by adding a simple GET parameter.

We can do this by using a simple template tag (or a global object as it’s known in Jinja), to output the URL to the file, as well as the revision.

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Chat Client for Naukari Job Search

Following a train search ChatBot from cleartrip, Now has come up with a new chatbot to search Jobs.
For this all you need is to add to your GTalk Client and start searching jobs. This hady tool will definetly make job search a little easier, although i doubt if there are any good job in this recession.

How to Use

Please enter the following commands to search for jobs:

  1. js -to search for jobs…e.g. js project manager delhi 3 yrs, js sales manager Mumbai 5 yrs…You can enter your experience and preferred location to search for jobs.

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12 Must Have Bookmarklets : Google Chrome and IE

As we all know that Google took Chrome out of beta almost a month back, but still there is a strong feeling that there is a long way to go for the browser if it has to compete with other browers such as Firefox. The biggest feature that is missing in Chrome/IE is lack of addons support. So in place of using addons I am using bookmarklets a lot more now.

If you don’t know, bookmarklets are just bookmarks that can perform an action (thanks to javascript) such as sharing something on Facebook, digging an article, adding something to your Amazon wish list, etc.

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