Coal Mining
Huineng Group owns 17 coal mines with a combined capacity of 85.4 MMT, including 9 active mines and 8 mines under construction. Additionally, 2 mines are undergoing preliminary work. 6 intelligent mines have been constructed to high standards, with 3 active mines and 8 newly constructed mines undergoing intelligent transformation. The group has implemented an intelligent unmanned transportation and sales system. 9 mines were rated as super safe and efficient by the China National Coal Association, 8 mines were built into green mining enterprises at the provincial level, and Huineng was recognized as a safe and efficient group.
Thermal Power
Thermal power generation is a key industry for Huineng Group, which currently has 1.53 million kilowatts in operation. In 2023, we generated 5.6 billion kWh of electricity. The Changtan Power Plant (Phase II), currently under-construction, involves a total investment of RMB 5.3 billion and will have a capacity of 2×660,000 kilowatts. Once the Changtan Power Plant (Phase II) is completed, the group’s thermal power generation capacity will reach 2.85 million kilowatts.
Modern coal chemical industry
The annual production of 1.6 billion cubic meters of coal to gas project is one of the first batch of coal to gas demonstration projects approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The project is constructed in two phases and was completed and put into operation in 2014 and 2021, respectively. This project fills the technical gap of using coal water slurry gasification technology to produce natural gas at home and abroad. In March 2023, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organized an expert group to conduct on-site verification, and the comprehensive energy consumption, coal consumption, and water consumption per unit product of the Huineng Coal to Natural Gas Project reached a leading level in China. The liquefied natural gas produced by the company has become the first liquefied natural gas aerospace fuel supplier in the autonomous region due to its high purity, stable composition, and high combustion efficiency. Actively responding to the requirements of the "Five Big Ups" action in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, we have acquired the annual production of 1.2 million tons of methanol and 1 million tons of acetic acid projects of Zhuozheng Coal Chemical Company in Wushen Banner, and ultimately optimized them into three projects: the annual production of 1.2 million tons of coal to methanol optimized and changed to 1 million tons of coal to methanol project (referred to as methanol project), the methanol to acetic acid extended chain optimized deep processing and comprehensive utilization of high-end chemicals and new materials project (referred to as methanol acetic acid extended chain and new materials project), and the integrated demonstration project of degradable and high-performance new materials (referred to as new materials demonstration project). The first phase of the 1 million tons of coal to methanol project plans to produce polyformaldehyde, polyglycolic acid, coal tar, methanol, ethanol, acetic acid, etc. 9 products. Actively cooperating with Geely Yaoning Group in the research and development of polyformaldehyde technology, material modification, and high-end market application, gradually entering the fine chemical industry and downstream terminal markets.
Coal To Gas
Annually 1.6 billion m3 Coal-to-Gas Project The project was approved in December 2009. This initiative is one of the first four coal-to-gas demonstration projects sanctioned by the National Development and Reform Commission, with a total investment of RMB 11.5 billion. Constructed in two phases, the project is now fully operational, annually producing 1.6 billion m³ of SNG and 1 million tons of LNG. The first phase was commissioned in October 2014, and the second in August 2021 Filling the technical gap in producing natural gas through coal-water slurry gasification both at home and abroad Holding 32 practical patents and maintaining continuous and safe operation for 652 days Due to its high purity, stable composition, low costs and high combustion efficiency, it serves as the fuel supplier for China LandSpace’s methane-powered rockets Rated as a “High-tech Enterprise in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region” Zhuozheng Coal-Based Material Demonstration Project In line with the government policy of revitalizing zombie companies, we have acquired an unfinished project in Wushen Banner, which has an annual production capacity of 1.2 MMT of methanol and 1 MMT of acetic acid. Additionally, a coal-based high-end chemical project is developed on the original project, with a total investment of RMB 59 billion. The project is divided into two phases, with the first phase having begun construction and to be operational in October 2026, including nine products such as polyoxymethylene, polyglycolic acid, coal tar, methanol, ethanol, and acetic acid.
Renewable Energy
We are committed to delivering clean, reliable and affordable renewable energy nationwide. 1.1 GW PV Power Project construction commenced in December 2023 in Jungar Banner. Currently, the first phase of 600MW is underway, while the second phase of 500MW is undergoing preliminary work. It is expected to be operational by 2025.
New Materials
Annual Million-Ton Alusil Alloy Production
Set up Huineng Coal Waste Research Institute to explore technical solutions to extracting alusil alloy from high-alumina coal gangue and fly ash. The pilot scale test of alusil alloy demonstration project has been a success. The pilot project with an annual production of 70-thousand-ton alusil alloy commenced construction, and a million-ton aluminum-silicon new materials project initiated preliminary work.
Investment and Trade
Actively engage in international shipping, trade, and logistics by establishing trading companies in Hong Kong and Singapore. Operate 5 freighters internationally, with one successfully passing Hamburg PSC verification. Take initiative to invest overseas projects including oil, gas and metal to optimize investment portfolio.
Real Estate
Invest in commercial real estate projects in metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as medium-sized cities like Ordos and Hohhot.
Beijing Huineng Dingxing Building With a floor area of 160,000 sqm
Shanghai Suhewan Joy Center with a floor area of 170,000 sqm Shanghai North Bund Business District with a floor area of 20,000 sqm
Inner Mongolia International Convention and Exhibition Center in Saihan District, Hohhot, comprises 2 star-rated hotels, a conference center and supporting office buildings
Huineng Financial Business Plaza With a floor area of 300,000 sqm
Ejin Horo Banner
Heyuan Xingcheng project with a floor area of 800,000 sqm Supporting business project of 200,000 sqm, expected to be completed in 2027
Established Huineng Microfinance Company with an investment of RMB 2.5 billion; Providing RMB 4.8 billion in loans; Significantly supporting the growth of local small- and medium-sized enterprises.
Established a 300-square-kilometer water conservation area, effectively protecting the ecological environment of the Beiniuchuan River basin; Four surface water reservoirs have been built, with an annual water supply of 12 million tons.
Annually transport and sell 20 million tons of coal. Additionally, built 13 LNG and LCNG refueling stations, with an annual export of 530,000 tons of LNG.
Road & Bridge
Participated in the construction of the new Baotou-Shenmu Railway, Jungar-Shuozhou Railway, and Dafanpu-Mashan Railway; Adopted the BOT model to build two mine area roads, Bianjia and Bianfu; Overcoming transportation bottlenecks in the high-quality coal area of southern Jungar.
Mineral Water
Currently, a selenium-rich mineral water production base is under development in Ankang City, Shaanxi Province.
Public Welfare & Charity
Huineng Group, guided by the Four Sources (Havens) Principle, has actively engaged with local communities since its inception. With donations totaling RMB 2.67 billion, support education, poverty alleviation, and other charitable initiatives in disaster-stricken and impoverished areas. It has been recognized as the “Model Enterprise in Social Responsibility in Inner Mongolia” and “Charitable Institution for Poverty Alleviation” by Inner Mongolia government. It has also been awarded the “Chinese Red Cross Humanitarian Medal” by the Red Cross Society of China.
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