12 Must Have Bookmarklets : Google Chrome and IE

As we all know that Google took Chrome out of beta almost a month back, but still there is a strong feeling that there is a long way to go for the browser if it has to compete with other browers such as Firefox. The biggest feature that is missing in Chrome/IE is lack of addons support. So in place of using addons I am using bookmarklets a lot more now.

If you don’t know, bookmarklets are just bookmarks that can perform an action (thanks to javascript) such as sharing something on Facebook, digging an article, adding something to your Amazon wish list, etc.

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Dictionary on double click : BookMarklet

While visiting various sites (specially those fucking Raja Sen Movie reviews), I at times need dictionary. When I don’t know meaning of any word I have to open dictionay.com and than search for it.

So, to get a solution of this is came with a Bookmarklet, which opens information bubble on double-clicking on any word in the page.
But to launch dictionary you have to click on this – Dictionary : DblClick

Bookmark above link for future use.

Example : The meaning of “Reference” is shown in a small bubble.

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