Vertically Responsive Design : Keeping Things Above The Fold

Responsive Design

In last couple of years you must have seen countless examples of responsive designs. Most of the websites are either already responsive or are planing for a responsive re-design. As we see more and more devies, this trend is likely to continue in near future as well. Pete Cashmore from Mashable has already declared 2013 as the year of Responsive Designs.

Developers mostly uses Fluid Grid, or Media queries to make the website adaptive. The basic technique is to viewport width and render content according to that.

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Sexy Tooltip using CSS3 (no images)

CSS is Awesome, but “CSS3” is Awesomely Awesome.

With CSS3 we can make our pages even more beautiful without using additional images and extra markup.

In this post I have tried to make tooltips using CSS3. This is just a sample implementation for tooltip, you can have even better variants.

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