Setting up TLS/SSL certificate on Gitlab pages using Let’s Encrypt


Gitlab provides a very easy and effective way to host your static websites for free. You can follow this article to setup it up.

Gitlab allows you to add any custom domain to your hosted website. If you want to enable an HTTPS secure connection to your domains, you can affix your own SSL/TLS digital certificate to custom domain you’ve added to your website. This is where Let’s Encrypt comes in. Let’s Encrypt give people the digital certificates they need in order to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for websites.

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Websites To Listen High Quality Bollywood Hindi Songs Online For Free

Continuing the series of online free entertainment, here is my second post which tells you about best websites where you can listen High Quality Hindi Songs for free.

  • is a complete bollywood portal. This is a hungama groups website. The user interface of the site is not too good, but still easy to navigate. Streaming is fast from the site. They also provide option to choose streaming rate, which can be usefull if the connection is not too good.

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Websites To Watch High Quality Bollywood/Hindi Movies Online For Free

There are thousands of websites the provide free streaming of movies, but finding good sites is a tough job. So in order to help you to find right websites that offers DVD/HD quality of Bollywood movie streams online for free. So here is the list,


    Bharat Movies offers a huge collection of Bollywood movies online for free. The movies collection include all the new releases as well as old hits. Majority of the movies are provided in good quality and for easily identifying the quality of movies, tags like DVD, DVD HQ are set to them.

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