How to Create a Simple Slideshow using Mootools / JQuery

slide_show_icon When we want to show lots of content in limited screen space, Slideshows comes to rescue. Making use of slideshows is the optimal way to present large amount of information. In this post i’ll walk you through the process of making a very simple(minimilistic) slideshow using Mootools / Jquery.


You must have seen various types of slideshows around the web. Creating such slideshow is also very simple. With little smart code one can make it very quickly.

As it is said “A picture is worth a thousand words”, similarly I believe a demo is worth a thousand words.

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Make Your Links (Hyperlinks) Even More Sexier

HyperLinkYou would have often seen various attempts to make hyperlink more beautiful. One of my personal favorite is to have little icons beside links to let you know where they link to.
Different icons for external links, pdfs, images, etc. etc. You can find the tutorial for such link over here.

In this post i’ll tell you a technique using which you can make your links even more sexier.

Check out the demo first : View Demo

The Implementation of this effect is given in the following sections.

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WTF : What the Framework bookmarklet : Find the javascript framework being used

Yesterday I was hacking the source code of a website. While doing I needed the javascript library being used in that site.
Although on accessing various javascript files i came to know that Prototype was used in that site.

Later I came to know about a bookmarklet : WTFramework. Just add this to on your bookmark.

Just click this bookmark whenever there is a need to know the JavaScript frameworks (MooTools, Yahoo User Interface, jQuery, the infamous Scriptaculous, Dojo Toolkit, Mochikit, etc..

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