Debugging Django on Windows : Developement Setup

Django I remember the days when I used to struggle while debugging django web applications. But after working for more than a year now with django, I am more or less settled with tools I use for debugging Django Application. My Development System is on Windows XP, so this post is specifically for Debugging django on windows.

Debugging Django on Windows XP

The best tool I found on Windows environment for Django/ Python Debugging is : WinPDB, Just download and install.

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Installing Memcached for Django Application on Windows XP

For a project I needed Memcached. But the problem was that I have my development system on WindowsXP.

When I Google I got various links to install Memcached on windows, but there wasn’t any link that tell all about Memcached with Django on Windows

So Here we go:

  • Download memcached 1.2.4 Win32.
  • Unzip the binaries in your desired directory (eg. c:\memcached)
  • Install the service using the command: ‘c:\memcached\memcached.exe -d install’ from either the command line
  • Start the server from the Microsoft Management Console or by running the following command: ‘c:\memcached\memcached.exe -d start’
  • Use the server, by default listening to port 11211
  • Now we have to get something so that python can talk with our memcached server.
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